Who Was Francine?

Francine’s Friends is a group of REAL women with a purpose to memorialize a REAL friend — Francine Schubert.

Francine's indefatigable approach to life and living was an inspiration to all who knew her.  Once Francine signed on in support of a community event, there was never any doubt of its success.  Francine’s devotion and commitment to the American Cancer Society and its goals and objectives were long-lasting and far-reaching.  Her ability to cajole community leaders into emptying their pockets is legendary!

But Francine was so much more than that.  She was devoted to her family and friends.  It was always fun to share in Francine’s life.  Her impish grin and wicked sense of humor made an otherwise ordinary day very special.

When cancer came, Francine used the same energy and resolve to battle her disease.  And what a battle!  Although Francine fought valiantly and never let cancer appear to have the upper hand, she lost her fight in September 2002.

After our friend, Francine Schubert, lost her battle with breast cancer, several of us met to discover a way to honor Francine’s spirit and drive. The decision was made to provide an opportunity for every area woman to receive mammography services, reducing breast cancer deaths through early detection. Our goal to establish a mobile mammography unit to serve every woman in Allen county and the surrounding area who might otherwise not receive a screening mammogram and follow-up care was reached late in 2005 when Francine’s Friends mobile mammography was launched.

Francine’s Friends continues to honor Francine’s spirit and drive and grow her circle of “friends” by making mammography available to more and more women.