Monday, October 1, 2012

Special Offer for Francine's "FRIENDS" from Star 88.3!

Our good friends at Star 88.3 are offering a special prize package for one lucky Francine's Friend - it could be you! Click on the link below to register for your chance to win - this is only for those attending the luncheon as an added thank-you from our generous friends at Star 88.3.

The Star 88.3 prize package includes 2 books, 5 cds, gift cards to DeBrand Chocolates, Cookie Cottage, Family Christian Bookstore, and a Safari gift certificate.  It also includes STAR goodies, including a t-shirt.  The total values is $285!  And, as always, your email won't be shared with any third-party entities.

But hurry - you need to register between now and Oct. 11th - drawing will be held at the end of the day on Oct. 11th. Click here to register for the Star 88.3 promotion prize package.