Tuesday, April 10, 2012

See Francine's Friends in April issue of SEE Magazine!

Check out the online April issue of SEE Magazine and you'll "see" a familiar face or two - pages 10, 11 and 12 include photos and an article about Francine's Friends.

Founder and Editor Lori Lewis has passion, purpose and a very defined mission for SEE Magazine; to quote Lori, "it's my life's deepest desire that even one girl or woman feel heartened by what she reads in SEE Magazine, that it gives her something she needs, right when she needs it, and she comes away from its pages better for it — stronger, with more of a sense of herself and her worth." SEE shares stories of empowered girls and women — and Francine's Friends is thrilled to be included in the April issue.

Click here to read it now...Thank you Lori, for helping to share the Francine's Friends mission and story for all to SEE!