Monday, April 2, 2012

Francine's Friends Thanks Major Funders of 2011 Capital Campaign

Board president Sharon Simmons (left) presents
certificate of thanks to Jill Nichols, Executive Vice President
Philanthropy & Community Relations at Vera Bradley
(center) and Catherine Hill, Foundation Executive Director
at Vera Bradley (right).
The entire board of the all-volunteer non-profit Francine's Friends was both thrilled and humbled that it not only met its capital campaign goal, but "thanks to so many generous individuals, supporters, donors and funders, we have exceeded it!" said board president Sharon Simmons.

The 2011 capital campaign to raise $350,000 for a replacement coach succeeded thanks to major funders of $25,000 or more including English Bonter Mitchell Foundation, PHP Foundation, Radiation Oncology Associates, Indiana Surgical Specialists, Steel Dynamics Foundation, and Vera Bradley. Board president Sharon Simmons recently presented certificates of thanks to all of these special friends.

Those donating $15,000 and above include Wilson Family Foundation, Journal Gazette Foundation, and Mary Cross Tippmann Foundation. Funders contributing $1,000 and above include Waterfield Foundation, Howard P. Arnold Foundation, and Dr. John Crawford.

The new coach served its highest number of women yet in November of 2011, and has been on the road making life-savings screenings possible Allen County and the surrounding communities.

Click here to view photos of the new coach.